This heading is definitely foreign to many people.  This is because Dakota is a state in the United States but the subject of this blog is human, humane and enigmatic.  Isaac Akinola Oluwafemi Olamilokun is best remembered as Dakota by his peers at Obokun High School and later Ilesa Grammar School.  Friends and Family still called him by that name.  The name even transcended his own era as many of his peers referred to his brothers and sister as Dakota Kekere.  He was my brother and would have been 73 on 29th August 2017.  I wrote this on my Instagram and I am reproducing it unedited.

Elder Isaac Akinola Oluwafemi OLAMILOKUN. We remember you today as always. You left the juicy Lagos to work at your hometown. You laid the solid foundation of passion, diligence, integrity and candour. You epitomised loyalty and professionalism. As the General Manager at International Breweries Limited you displayed absolute commitment to the cause of your staff and company. On the spiritual level you became an elder in your home church Araromi Ilesa and you worshipped there. You loved and guided your siblings and family with passion. You still live in our hearts today as always.

This blog has treated, superficially, the subject of DAKOTA.  I hope to concentrate on the meat of the story in my memoirs.  In 1985 during the long vacation, Tomi and Toba cruised from Ilesa to Port Harcourt for a holiday with me under the care of Mrs Abimbola Mercy Olamilokun. We drove in my Volkswagen beetle. It was phenomenal and a demonstration of confidence, faith and love of my brother and the wife, Mrs Helen Mosunmola Olamilokun, on our capability to serve as father and mother respectively to these young ones. There were no mobile phones in those days so they couldn’t monitor our movements. Yet they had faith, unshaking faith that all was going to be well.  Toba went with me to the office at NNS AKASO, Naval Base Borikiri. I was then the Base Education Officer and the Training Officer for the Basic Seamanship Training School.  Toba was lucky as there was no rain.  When it was the turn of my daughter to go the following day, the heavens came down heavy and Tomi was soaked. She, shivering like a beaten chicken, was shaking but joyous.  She warmed up later to hot tea and still enjoyed her turns in the school. They would follow me later for a game of squash at Shell Club Squash Court. May be SLt Edward Ikiere was my partner or Mr Dejo Odeyinka.  After the holidays, Tomi and Toba went with us to Ilesa again in joyous mood.  I wonder how many of our present day fathers and mothers can release their children to their aunt and uncle for such a long trip.  It was faith and love on display and that epitomised my brother, IAO.  He still lives in our hearts.

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